Boy Scout Troop #1005

Based on the principle of duty to God and country, the Scouting program is for all youth, ages 6 through 21, regardless of ethnic background, creed, or physical or mental ability. In cooperation with organizations like the American Legion, Scouting offers a way for youth and other dedicated volunteers of our Post and community to bring fun, adventure, and leadership skills to young people.

Scouting also provides effective character building, citizenship training, and personal fitness opportunities for youth. At the first National Convention of the American Legion, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1919, the Legion voted approval and support to the Scouting movement, via Resolution No. 334 in Support of the Boy Scouts of America. Posts began to sponsor Scout units immediately following that convention. Organized guidance and cooperation did not take place, however, until 1922, when Scouting was included in the activities of the Americanism Commission.

According to the 2018 Legion website on scouting, Legion posts sponsor more than 2,500 Scouting units across the country. Post No. 13 in particular, currently hosts Boy Scout Troop #1005.

In prior years, the Post has sponsored up to three Boy Scout Troops (1929), with a Committee of about five Legionnaires to take care of the activities of each troop. Each troop also had its own dedicated room in the basement, decorated and divided into Patrol Rooms, etc. as they required. To assist the program, the Post contributed monetarily to the Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley Boy Scouts of America, the headquarters of which were maintained in the building.

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